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Zeb Edwards in 1991
"Zen" in 1991
Zeb Edwards in 2009
"Zen" in 2009
Zeb "Zen" Edwards
Portrayed by Sam Sarpong (1991)
Craig "muMs" Grant (2009)
Episode Read Between the Lines
Status Alive

Zeb Edwards (used to be "Zen") is a character from "Read Between the Lines". He was an aspiring rapper in 1991. He also used to be a member of the 26th St. Villains gang.

Zen met Donalyn Sullivan on the corner of 26th and Sergeant where she stepped up to him in a rap freestyle battle. They became friends despite their initial animosity. He also became her producer and gave her the name "Sugar Dawn". He introduced her to small time producer Andrew "Huxtable" Garrett. He also wrote her debut single "Goin' Off" and got it played on local radio.

Zen wanted Donalyn to perform "Goin' Off" at the birthday party of club owner (and fellow Villain) Virgil "Sticky" Jones because a scout from a record label was going to be there. However, she wanted to do her own song called "Read Between the Lines", which contained some ominous lyrics alluding to rape.

He waited for Donalyn at the party but she never arrived. She was there but was murdered in the basement by her foster mother Alice Watson.

Zeb's prospective music career dried up after Donalyn died. He is a bus driver with a family in 2009 and has dropped his Zen name. He regrets never understanding Donalyn's pain. In the epilogue, Zeb drives past 26th on his route and watches a couple of kids battle rap like he and Donalyn used to.