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Wilson Katz 1974
Wilson in 1974
Wilson Katz 2010
Wilson in 2010
Wilson Katz
Portrayed by Michael Kostroff (1974)
Alan Blumenfeld (2010)
Episode The Runaway Bunny
Status Arrested

Wilson Katz was a lawyer as well as an old friend, frequent client, and murderer of Private Investigator Harry Denton. He hired Harry to find Bunny, the step-daughter of Caroline Hargreave, a client he was in love with. Wilson's infatuation with Caroline drove him to murder after Harry found evidence that could prove Caroline is a black widow serial killer. He originally tried to bribe Harry but when that failed, Wilson shot him in the back the minute he turned his back to him.

Wilson was arrested for the murder in 2010 after Harry's remains were found. Thanks to his actions, however, there wasn't enough evidence to convict Caroline.