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ADA Danner in 2006
ADA William Danner
Portrayed by Thomas Calabro
Episode Death Penalty: Final Appeal
Status Disbarred

William Danner was a Philadelphia district attorney in the 1990s and 2006. Danner graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1994, he tried Andre Tibbs for the rape and murder of Kate Lange. Although Andre maintained his innocence, he was convicted of being identified in the Lange house by Kate's father, Mike Lange, and Andre who captured three blocks from home with blood on his boots. Andre was home on that day as part of a story at Mike Lange apologizing for a fight first. In fact, officer Joey Norman took the letter from Andre before his arrest.

Twelve years later, Danner was approached by Lieutenant John Stillman and Detective Will Jeffries regarding the case after Mike Lange recanted his earlier statement and Norman had taken his own life after being caught in a corruption scandal. Danner was angered when Stillman and Jeffries asked for a warrant to search the evidence in the Internal Affairs case against Norman for the letter. Danner was unswayed by the change in evidence, and refused, maintaing Andre, who was due to be executed in three days, was guilty.

The day after Andre's execution, Jeffries searched through the evidence anyway and discovered Andre's letter, which corroborated his story and cast suspicion on his boss Wayne Nelson. When Danner walked into the evidence room, demanding to know what Jeffries was doing, Jeffries confronted him with the letter, which Danner had apparently been aware of. When Danner, completely unrepentant, still insisted in a condescending tone that Andre was guilty, Jeffries punched him and walked out.

Danner went to Stillman's office later that day, demanding that Jeffries be punished, and was incenced when Stillman allowed him to conduct the interview of Wayne Nelson. Wayne was later arrested for Kate's murder, and though Jeffries was restricted to desk duty for punching Danner, Danner himself would be fired from the DA's office for his actions and obviously arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Andre Tibbs

Danner was replaced weeks later as ADA by David Cage who, eager to mend fences with Homicide after the debacle, agreed to have the DA drop the charges against Jeffries and have him reinstated.