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Will Harrell 1981
Will in 1981
Will Harrell 2003
Will in 2003
Will Harrell
Portrayed by Ben Lang (1981)
James DuMont (2003)
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Alive

Will Harrell was a then unpopular teenage boy who went to school with lovers and killers, Jane and Bennett Cahill. Will so badly wanted friends, specifically the popular kids. Track captain Bennett and cheerleader Jane were part of that group and Will had them in his sights. Bennett and Will were acquainted with each other, but not close; Bennett and the other kids only liked Will because his parents had a cool hangout at their workplace which the kids could use.

In 1981, Bennett convinced Will to loan him his car so he and Jane could kill Paige Pratt. When the car was returned, Will suspected something had happened, but cleaned out the blood and kept quiet.

In 2003 when Paige's case was reopened, Bennet made false statements about Will being weird and tried to pin him as Paige's murderer. However, Will's testimony eventually led to Bennet and Jane's arrests. It's unknown if Will was charged as an accessory or with obstruction.