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Wilder Dautry
Wilder in 2005
Wilder Dautry
Portrayed by John Hillard
Episode Joseph
Status Deceased (2005)

Wilder Dautry was the foster brother of Joseph Shaw. He was murdered in 2005 during an attempt on Joseph's life.


Wilder and Joseph quickly bonded after Joseph was taken in and raised by Wilder's mother Reba Dautry. Reba was a neglectful mother, caring more for herself than them, however.

Wilder and Joseph eventually starting using heroin as teenagers, though Joseph managed to quit after a few months in prison. Wilder, however, remained an addict well into adulthood. He built up a long arrest record for drug posession and even public urination dating back to the age of fourteen.

In May of 2005, Wilder approached Joseph, who was now counseling teen addicts at Robinson House, and asked him for money. Joseph kicked him out after he tried to take his wallet.

Soon after, however, Joseph found Wilder, who was coming down from his latest fix. Joseph was to testify against a teen from Robinson House named Corey Lewis after winessing Corey kill another teen named Orlando. After being threatened if he testified, Joseph feared for Wilder's safety if he stayed close to Joseph, and took him to Reba. Unfortunately, Reba, who had since taken in several other foster children, was uninterested in helping them, and turned them away.

With nowhere else to go, Joseph brought Wilder home. The next night, however, Wilder was killed by a shotgun blast through the door. Joseph, realizing the shot was meant for him, fled to the Dautrys' long-deserted family cabin on Limekiln Pike. The shotgun blast had hit Wilder in the face, leading authorities to mistake his body for Joseph. Joseph didn't come forward and instead, worked quietly to find evidence who had tried to kill him.

Joseph managed to live a quiet, anonymous life at the cabin for nearly a year, until Detective Lilly Rush discovered Joseph at the cabin while investigating the murder. With Joseph's help, the investigation eventually revealed it was Ted Robinson, one of the two founders of Robinson House, who had attempted to kill Joseph to cover up the inappropriate relationship his wife Jane had been having with Corey. Joseph was finally able to come out of hiding, now the the truth about him and his foster brother had finally come out and Wilder's killer had been brought to justice.