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Warren Wilson
Portrayed by Tyrees Allen
Episode Street Money
Status Arrested

Warren Wilson was a supporter of Dexter Collins and his murderer.


Having been screwed by the empty promises of politicians before him, Wilson was skeptical of Dexter at first, but was moved by Dexter's tour of his apartment and became one of his biggest supporters. He even let Dexter hold a meeting in his restaurant before it was halted by Patrick Doherty under Grover Boone's orders. Knowing what Dexter was up against, Wilson decided to dig up his own dirt on Boone, sending Dexter pictures of Boone in a compromising position with a stripper. Dexter, however, wanted his position won on honesty, not dirtiness, so he made a deal with Boone that he wouldn't expose Boone if Boone didn't expose him. After Dexter returned to the neighborhood, Wilson asked him about blackmailing Boone. When Dexter told him he didn't, Wilson misconstrued this to mean that Dexter was in cahoots with Boone all along, and now Dexter had no chance of winning the election. Wilson accused Dexter of being another lying politician and told him he kept getting screwed. Then Wilson shot Dexter in a fit of rage, leaving him to die in the street.