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Warren Lee in 1983
Warren in 1983
Warren Lee in 2009
Warren in 2009
Warren Lee
Portrayed by Jordon Dang (1983)
Chi-Muoi Li (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Alive

Warren Lee is a character in "Chinatown". He has a younger sister, Stacey Lee. He's been working at the Lu family tea store since he was a boy with his cousins, Jack Chao Lu and Ling Lu.

Warren used to think that the Dragon Boys were cool but in 1983, they abducted his sister Stacey in a petty scheme for ransom when he was supposed to be watching her. Jack paid the ransom and got her home but the next day, he was dead.

Warren warned Stacey to never tell anyone about what had happened to her or Jack. She got angry and never spoke to him again.

Warren was traumatized by his sister's kidnapping and his cousin's death. He is a nervous wreck in 2009. When Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens came to question Ling, Lilly noticed Warren looking anxious and slipped him a card. He went to the precinct and told them what he knew. Warren is reunited with Stacey in the epilogue after the case is closed.