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Warren Cousins 1969
Warren in 1969
Warren Cousins 2005
Warren in 2005
Warren Cousins
Portrayed by Nick Cornish (1969)
Michael O'Neill (2005)
Episode Revolution
Status Alive

Warren Cousins is a character from "Revolution".

He was a wedding musician in 1969, performing at the reception for Terry Lucas and his bride Suzanne. There, Warren met and struck up a relationship with Ellie McCormick. He let her take her brother Brian McCormick to his apartment when he was suffering from drug withdrawal. He wanted to flee to Canada to avoid getting drafted to the Vietnam War. Ellie promised to join him but she never showed up.

In 2005, Warren came back to Philadelphia in secret to attend his father's funeral but he was arrested for Ellie's murder. He was shocked to find out that she had been dead since 1969. Warren was proven innocent and that it was Brian who was the killer, because he didn't want his sister to leave him behind. Warren is last seen going by his old apartment and imagines Ellie meeting him there.