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Coach Walters 1973
Coach Walters in 1973
Coach Walters 2008
Coach Walters in 2008
Coach Walters
Portrayed by Tim Griffin (1973)
M.C. Gainey (2008)
Episode Glory Days
Status Alive

Walters was the then assistant coach/now coach for the football team at Pennsylvania University. He was also a part of the steroid scandal, secretly going on in the team, even the team was clueless about the drug because they were told it was harmless "vitamins" as part of a "program." He would be one of many people accused in the brutal murder of his former player, Mike McShane who was beaten to death underneath the bleachers of his school. But was Steve Pratt, the school's biggest booster and who also had a very strong relationship with Mike who did the horrible deed!