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Walter Rafferty 1958
Walter in 1958
Walter Rafferty 2004
Walter in 2004
Walter Rafferty
Portrayed by Dave Michael Beaudrie (1958)
Charles Noland (2004)
Episode The Boy in the Box
Status Alive

Walter Rafferty is a character in "The Boy in the Box". In 1958, he found poor Arnold Culliver while looking for a jackrabbit. Walter was suspected of Arnold's death but a polygraph test proved otherwise.

Nothing is known about Walter's personal life, only that The Boy in the Box case "derailed" him. He comes around every year to inquire new details about the case. He also told the Cold Case team about the woman (Sister Grace Ashley) who leaves white roses at the site where Arnold was found.

In the end of the episode after Arnold's case is closed, Walter leaves a white rose at the site one last time.