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Vivian Lynn
Vivian in 1944
Vivian Lynn
Portrayed by Sarah Glendening
Episode WASP
Status Deceased (1944)

Vivian Lynn was a headstrong female pilot for WASP during WWII.


Vivian was a farm girl from Belle Plaine, Iowa. She aspired to be the first woman to fly a jet. Vivian was taught crop dusting by her father, a WWI pilot who was KIA.

Vivian was accepted into the WASP program in 1944. She flew her crop duster to New Castle Air Base in Wilmington, Delaware. She befriended Betty Jo Henders and Edna Reed, while making a rival out of Louise Patterson. She also struck up a secret romance with the flight instructor, Captain Frank James. She was so good a pilot that she became a part-time instructor, teaching Frank's brother Herbert "Wolf" James. Her superior Iris Keening thought she was arrogant.

Vivian was not as arrogant as she seemed; she had a streak of justice and would not let anyone, even her friends, get away with anything she deemed wrong. She demonstrated this when she destroyed Betty Jo's black market rationing books. She also personally mentored Edna.

Edna died when her plane crashed. Investigation showed that her plane had engine problems but Vivian knew that it underwent maintenance. She had seen Wolf lurking around the hangar the night before and suspected that he sabotaged Edna's plane. She demanded to Frank that he court-martial his brother but he refused.

Vivian filed an arrest report herself but Iris buried it because she believed that the scandal would cause the men in charge to dissolve the WASP program. Vivian threatened Iris if she didn't file the report. Iris instead told her to personally report the incident to their superiors at Mitchel Field. Vivian flew solo in a P-51D Mustang but she died when she crashed into a reservoir in Philadelphia.

Vivian never got to fly a jet, with Louise getting that honor and even breaking the sound barrier.

Vivian and her plane were found in 2009 when the reservoir was dredged to make way for a bird sanctuary. The plane had been sabotaged. The cold case team's investigation led to the discovery that Wolf had forged Frank's signature as part of sabotaging Edna's plane. Frank helped the police trick his brother into confessing. Wolf then led them to Iris, who tried to justify silencing Vivian for the greater good of the WASPs. Iris and Wolf were both arrested.

In the epilogue, Betty Jo and Louise reunite at the old air base, where they imagine seeing Vivian and her crop duster.