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Vita Chacon in 1999
Vita in 1999
Vita Chacon in 2007
Vita in 2007
Vita Chacon
Portrayed by Gloria Garayua
Episode A Dollar, A Dream
Status Alive

Vita Chacon is a character in "A Dollar, A Dream". Back in 1999, she was homeless but 8 years later, Vita finally had a good job at the Blue Mart as a saleslady.

Vita first met Marlene Bradford and her daughters in a temporary shelter for homeless people where at first, Vita acquired bed #22, which was meant for the Bradfords. Because of this, Vita reached an argument with Marlene, stating that she was the first person who got the bed, but the shelter committee scolded her. She told Vita that "mothers with daughters get the last bed". Vita had no choice but to give up the bed and threatened Marlene that if she encountered her again, she would kick her (censored words).

When the detectives paid her a visit and interrogated her at work, Vita admitted that she remembered Marlene, but only barely since she stayed in the shelter for one night. Vita thought at first that Marlene was a little (censored word), but realized that she had more heart than she'd thought. One night while roaming the streets, Vita saw Marlene dressed for work and talking to her daughters before she entered the store she was hired at. Vita witnessed Anil Patel, Marlene's boss, arguing with her about parking her car in the space for store customers only. Anil ordered Marlene to get her car out of the parking lot since it was the rules, but Marlene threatened to call the I.N.S. on her boss because she knew about Anil's practice of hiring illegal immigrants in his store. And just like that, Anil had no choice but to let Marlene's car stay. That was the last time Vita saw Marlene.

After the case was closed, Vita continued her job at the supermarket, far away from her former homeless life.