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Violet Polley
Violet Polley in 1929
Violet Polley
Portrayed by Allison Miller
Episode Beautiful Little Fool
Status Deceased (1929)

Violet Polley is the victim of "Beautiful Little Fool". She ditched her small-town upbringing to become a singer and songwriter in Philadelphia.

Violet was brought to a party thrown by Nick Bartleby at the grand Bartleby Mansion by her friend, Ginger Swensen. After much wooing, Violet and Nick became a couple. She wrote "300 Flowers" which referred to the number of roses which Nick flooded her boarding house room with.

While selling some songs to Carmela LeFleur, Violet found out that she was pregnant. She came to see Nick after the Stock Market Crash but he would not have her or their baby Rose. However, Violet was given a golden clock by Nick's sister, Muriel Bartleby, to sell so she could provide for Rose.

Felix Spyczyk, Bartleby's discharged butler, failed to persuade Violet to blackmail Bartleby and killed her with the golden clock for calling him lowly. He escaped prosecution for the killing in his lifetime, and even built a successful shipping company starting with $75 he received for selling the clock he stole from her. However, Felix taped a confession on his deathbed that his grandson reluctantly gave to the police.

As for baby Rose, she was taken by Carmela to an orphanage. Carmela donated to her upbringing as much as she could.

In 2006, Violet's great-granddaughter Aimee Goodman had first asked the cold case squad to investigate the case. In the epilogue, Aimee receives the quilt that Violet made for Rose, Muriel wrote Violet and her descendants into Bartleby's family tree and Lilly Rush imagined seeing Violet playing the piano at her mother's wedding.