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Violet Golding 1964
Violet in 1964
Violet Golding 2008
Violet in 2008
Violet Golding
Portrayed by Jenna Leigh Green (1964)
Concetta Tomei (2008)
Episode Wednesday's Women
Status Alive

Violet Golding is a character from "Wednesday's Women". She went to Hazelton, Mississippi along with Belinda Hutchins, Ella Turner and Miriam Forrester during Freedom Summer 1964 disguised as a Tupperware saleslady to teach uneducated black children for three days. Violet's husband forced her to hide that she is Jewish.

After Miriam was murdered, the other three hightailed it back to Philadelphia. Violet reported Miriam's murder to the police but the bigoted officer they met only questioned Belinda and Ella for harassing Violet. To hide their involvement, they staged Miriam's death to look like a hit-and-run accident.

For years, Violet chose to forget her involvement in civil rights and became a real estate agent. In the end, Violet reunited with Belinda in Mississippi, with Miriam's spirit watching over them both.