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Vincent Hopper in 1999
Hopper in 1999
Vincent Hopper in 2007
Hopper in 2007
Vincent Hopper
Portrayed by Holmes Osborne
Episode A Dollar, A Dream
Status Arrested

Vincent Hopper is a character in "A Dollar, A Dream". He has been homeless probably for decades. Vincent's mental state had also deteriorated somewhat, as he still hoped to reunite with his wife and son even though his "boy" was now an adult.

In 1999, Vincent went to the grocery store owned by Anil Patel to buy some lottery tickets. There, he met Marlene Bradford, who was living out of her car with her two daughters. Vincent suggested her to go to the park with him and the other homeless. Marlene went along with him, having no other choice.

Hopper gave Marlene a lottery ticket. He claimed that he had no luck with them and only asked for a finder's fee once she wins. Marlene later came back to tell him that she won $25. She gave him his share which is $12. Vincent became enraged because he thought that the ticket was worth at least a million dollars. He rummaged through Marlene's car, destroying the birthday cake she bought for her daughter, despite her protests. Vincent finally took her gun and shot her with it. He then left Marlene's body in her car and pushed it into a pond.

He was arrested for the murder in 2007.