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Victoria Montero 2005
Victoria in 2005
Victoria Montero 2010
Victoria in 2010
Victoria Montero
Portrayed by Veronica A. Diaz
Episode The Good Soldier
Status Arrested

Victoria Montero was the mentee and killer of Mike Donley.


Mike recruited Victoria into the Army, and as a result, became her confidant and the one she counted on. This can be seen when she called Mike to handle her mother's abusive boyfriend and when she called him to help her after she burglarized a jewelry store. A desperate Victoria explained to Mike that she stole the necklace because she wanted it but could never afford it. She also tells him she failed her entrance exam for the Army. Mike comforted her and told her she needed to tell the truth to authorities, and he'd talk to whoever he needed to make sure Victoria would make it into the Army. He then told her he'd get someone to help tutor for her retest. When Victoria asked him to tutor her, he told her that he would be deployed in two days and he wouldn't be able to. This enraged Victoria, and she accused Mike of abandoning her, saying "How are you gonna help me if you're not here?" Mike tried to calm her down, but Victoria tearfully shot him and left him to die in the alley.