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Victoria Jordan in 1985
Victoria in 1985
Victoria Jordan in 2004
Victoria in 2004
Victoria Jordan
Portrayed by Taye Hansberry (1985)
Claudette Roche (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Alive

Victoria "Vicky" Jordan was the last person to see Charles Danville alive before his 1985 murder.


Vicky was a waitress at The Arbitrage, a hotel and restaurant popular with the financial crowd, and was the usual server of Danville and "the lost boys". On the night of Danville's murder, she watched a drunk Danville leave the bar long after the "lost boys" had left. According to her, The Arbitrage was left with an $11,000 tab after Danville's death, due to the then-owner letting Danville slide, something she claims she'd have never let happen.

In the present day, she is The Arbitrage's new owner after the previous owner sold it to her.