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Veronica Miller
Portrayed by Brielle Bourgeois
First Appearance Debut
Last Appearance Metamorphosis
Status Alive

Veronica Miller is the daughter of Kat Miller and Jarrod Jones.


Veronica's father is a former gang member and her mother is a homicide detective. She was conceived after a one-night-stand in 1998 when her mother was working undercover. Veronica was raised solely by Kat and never really got to know her father.


Veronica is known for being "a weird kid", as said by her mother. This is proved in 4x02 when, on their way to school, Kat and Veronica stopped for Kat to check out a crime scene and Veronica was upset because her mother wouldn't let her come with.

In 5x02, Veronica was walking with Kat while eating ice cream. She suddenly stopped to look at a model dressed scantily in a candy store. Kat immediately hurried Veronica along. She is also the reason Kat is never on duty on Wednesdays because Veronica has ballet classes.