Vanessa Prosser
Vanessa in 1992
Vanessa Prosser
Portrayed by Laura Allen
Episode Late Returns
Status Deceased (1992)

Vanessa Prosser was a beautiful, lively, strong, and smart twenty two year old woman who worked for the Bill Clinton-Al Gore Campaign in 1992, specifically for Bill Clinton. Even though it seemed like she had the perfect life: had a very loving family (made up of just her parents) , had lots of friends, and had the looks and personality that others, specifically other females would die for, she had some troubles, like her ex boyfriend/fiancé Aaron Dutra who had been stalking her around the time of her death in retaliation for their breakup and the issues in her new relationship with David Lake, the handsome campaign coordinator/leader of the Clinton campaign. Another issue was her best friend Beth Reardon’s secret love for her. But it wasn’t a huge problem as the others. She would be accidently killed by David when he pushed her down a flight of stairs while she was confronting him over his bizarre resistance in their romance. Since her death, he had been very remorseful for killing the woman he deeply loved.

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