Tyler Cage.JPG
Tyler in 1945
Tyler Cage
Portrayed by Mitchell Fink
Episode Colors
Status Deceased (1995)

In 1945, Tyler Cage was a professional pitcher in the major leagues. During the Negro Leagues Major Leagues Game, he was up agianst Clyde Taylor. He tried to demoralize Clyde by saying racist words, but the tactic failed. Later his son pulled a prank on Clyde, and Troy ran to tell his father after Clyde and Joe Crumbly disciplined him. He saw Clyde with Esther as well, and later met with Clyde. Contrary to Troy's expectation, Tyler complimented his skill, shook his hand when asked too, and ordered Troy to apologize. Troy reluctantly did so. He was also aware that Esther was really black, but for unknown reasons he kept her secret and presumably ordered Troy not to reveal her secret as well. 50 years later, Tyler Cage died, and when Joe was investigated he tried to point the finger at Tyler, since Cage was long dead.  

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