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Tut 1982
"Tut" in 1982
Tut 2010
"Tut" in 2010
Portrayed by Rick Gonzalez (1982)
Manny Perez (2010)
Episode Bombers
Status Arrested

"King" Tut (real name unknown) is a character from "Bombers". He was the biggest tagger in Philly in 1982. Tut and his crew, NRKE (anarchy), ran the streets. He has a mother who is not seen or named.

Tut first met Carlos Espinosa when NRKE beat him up for bombing over one of his tags. Carlos later came to one of his parties with a six-pack of beer as a peace offering.

The last time Tut met Carlos was the night he killed him. He caught Carlos painting a giant mural labeling him as a snitch. Tut smacked Carlos' head against a wall and sprayed paint in his mouth. He then white washed the wall and left Carlos to die.

The tag "Turbo 102" was also painted on that wall. Tut stole that tag and had been using it for 30 years. He left that tag everywhere, even in places that should not be vandalized like churches and cemeteries.

Tut paints on car decals in 2010. The cold case team noticed that Carlos had died in front of a blank wall. Don Bardwill removed the white wash and discovered the mural condemning Tut. He also identified Tut during interrogation as the informer. Tut was arrested for Carlos' murder.