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Tucker in 1966
Tucker in 2009
Tucker "Duke" Benton
Portrayed by Peter Porte (1966)
Michael Nader (2009)
Episode The Crossing
Status Alive

Tucker "Duke" Benton is a character from "The Crossing". He worked aboard the S.S. Americana in 1966 and was engaged to Millie Gibbs, the daughter of his boss. However, they were nothing alike; Duke loves the sea while Millie gets seasick.

Duke first saw Darcy Curtis on the deck. He met her again when she snuck into the Captain's Ballroom just to see him. They fell in love and decided to get married on the ship. However, Darcy never showed up and Duke later heard that she jumped overboard. He broke things off with Millie when he got back to shore.

In 2009, Duke is living onboard his boat, The Countess (a reference to Darcy). He was pointed to the police as a possible suspect by Grace Stearns (who was the actual murderer). In the end, Duke imagines Darcy wearing the wedding dress he never got to see her in before he sets sail again.