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Truitt Leland in 1998
Spider in 1998
Truitt Leland in 2008
Spider in 2008
Truitt "Spider" Leland
Portrayed by Johnny Lewis (1998)
Jilon VanOver (2008)
Episode Spiders
Status Arrested

Truitt "Spider" Leland is a neo-Nazi in the episode "Spiders".


He first met Tamyra Borden when they were in court; he was on trial for vandalism, she was suing her father for emancipation. After Tamyra lost, he visited her and persuaded her to leave. Although initially repulsed by his views, he was able to manipulate her into agreeing. Ultimately, he murdered the immigrant Nora Mariposa, causing Tamyra to finally realize her boyfriend was a monster. He wanted to persuade her to agree with him, but she escaped and was murdered by Elliot Leopold before he had the chance to convince her.

10 years later, Detectives Nick Vera and Kat Miller interviewed him at a white pride rally. In spite of his bigotry, he remained cordial throughout the interview, though he did have the audacity to compare his movement with the civil rights movement. He told them about Tamyra's temporary conversion, and refused to go with them. After Lindsay Port testified that he had murdered Nora, the police arrested him. Spider remained nonchalant, until he was told he'd be accused of murdering Tamyra. At this point Truitt got angry, and stated that while he might have been willing to use violence, he would never hurt Tamyra. He told them about Tamyra's first attempt to flee, and her encounter with his mother Rayanne. At the end of the episode he, Rayanne, Elliot and Lindsay were all arrested.