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Trevor Dawson
Trevor in 1994
Trevor Dawson
Portrayed by Jake Richardson
Episode Detention
Status Deceased (1994)

Trevor Dawson was a 16-year-old boy who was thought to have committed suicide during detention at his high school.


Trevor is friends with Boris Litvack and Raquel Montero, but he is so secretive that his own parents, Chuck and Julie Dawson, think he is friendless. In the winter time, he made a suicide pact with Boris and Raquel. Later in the same year, he grew upset when Kurt Cobain from Nirvana committed suicide.

It was after this that Trevor began calling a help hotline, speaking with Dawn Hill. During one of their talks, she revealed that her step-father Philip Hill would assault her at night. After Dawn revealed her identity to Trevor, they began dating in secret because of her step-father. Through his relationship with Dawn, Trevor reneged on the suicide pact, having realized how precious life is.


On the day he died, Trevor had detention with Dawn, Raquel and Boris. They had in fact engineered this detention stay so they could kill Philip. However, the girls backed out and Trevor and Boris only ended up threatening Philip. Afterwards, Trevor tried to pull a suicidal Boris from up the roof, only to end up being accidentally pushed off the roof by him.

Trevor's suicide note was left in his hand but his other note where he said he is in danger from someone (Philip) was later found by a janitor. In 2006, the janitor died and the note was found, leading to the reopening of Trevor's case. For years, Boris, Raquel and Dawn also kept their association a secret.

In the end, Boris was arrested for Trevor's death. His parents, Dawn, and Raquel set up a memorial for him. Lilly Rush saw Trevor's spirit hanging around a chainlink fence, which is a reference to a poem that he once wrote.