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Tre Jackson in 2003
Tre in 2003
Tre Jackson in 2004
Tre in 2004
Tre Jackson
Portrayed by Dempsey Pappion
Episode The Badlands
Status Arrested

Tre Jackson was the older brother of Derek Jackson and murderer of Della Lincoln, Tom Lincoln, and Derek Jackson.


He was an addict which caused him to have a strained relationship with his younger brother. He was thought to be irresponsible and unsafe for Derek by the Lincolns who wanted to take him in. After he stepped in to protect his brother, despite being on drugs, he grew upset with the Lincolns. He returned later that night with a gun and stole some money before shooting Tom. He then shot and injured Della, who his brother tried to save. Derek then called Della family, upsetting Tre who then ended up slicing Della's throat. He then killed his brother in a fit of rage.

In the aftermath, he got clean and enlisted. However it all caught up to him in the investigation during The Badlands.

Known Victims[]