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Travis Whitman in 1968
Travis in 1968
Travis Whitman in 2006
Travis in 2006
Travis Whitman
(previously "Wiseman")
Portrayed by Charlie Koznick (1968)
Ben Murphy (2006)
Episode Debut
Status Arrested

Travis Whitman was the boyfriend of Landon Ridgely and the lover of Emma Vine in 1968. He ended up killing Emma during an argument the night of a debutante ball.


Travis was a member of the country club in 1968, dating Landon, who was the "it" girl of the debutante selection. When Emma joined the club and was invited to be a debutante, Landon offered Travis to be her escort, since Landon herself was going with Chip as a family business arrangement.

As rehearsals for the ball went on, Travis and Emma grew closer, something that did not go unnoticed by Sloane, a girl who had lost her spot in the debutante selection to Emma. She told Landon of this new development, hoping to get her spot back from Emma. Instead of kicking her out, however, Landon told Emma the secret that Travis and his family were Jewish, which back then was a scandal for country club members, thinking it would drive Emma away from him.

However, the secret actually served to bring Emma and Travis closer, as Emma confided in him her own family’s secret - her father had been pulled from the moon landing listing, which had been the only reason they had been invited to join the country club in the first place.

Eventually, Emma became fed up with Travis' determination to hide his roots, including laughing at a rude Jewish joke. She broke up with Travis, refusing to be a "phony" like him. Enraged, Travis pushed Emma down the stairs, accidentally killing her.

Years later, Travis got married. In 2006, his wife Sadie had a seizure and fell down the stairs in a similar way Emma had died. This led to Emma's mother Lillian getting her case reopened. Although Travis was proven innocent of Sadie's death, he was eventually arrested for Emma's.