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Tory Roberts
Tory in 2009
Tory Roberts
Portrayed by Courtney Ford
Episode Breaking News
Status Alive

Tory Roberts is a research assistant for Channel 7.


In the course of her work, she came across new recorded footage of Jane Everett, a news anchor who had been murdered in 1988. The footage had been recorded a few hours before her murder, which Tory immediately brought to the cops.

In the course of the detectives' investigation, she flirted with Scotty Valens and later went out with him for drinks. To his surprise, Frankie Rafferty was there because wanted to get back together with him. They argued briefly but then Frankie flirted with Scotty and persuaded him to come with her, leaving Tory alone in the bar.

The next day, Scotty came by the studio alone while Tory was working. After she briefly complained about him ditching her, Tory made Scotty promise her that when he had information about Jane's case, he would give it to her first. Then she gave him all the footage of Jane.