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Lilly and the squad take on their oldest case yet, when they're asked to look into the case of a young woman who was killed in her parents' home in 1919. They discover she'd become involved in the suffragettes' movement, campaigning for votes for women, which put her at odds with the rest of her family. Meanwhile, Lilly finds out that her mother's latest marriage has failed and she's resumed drinking.


Please, don't let our case left unsolved again!

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June 9, 1919 - Frances Stone, her parents Elizabeth and Ambrose Stone, and her fiancé, Lawrence Wakeley, are walking down a busy street of Philadelphia. Ambrose and Laurence discuss his brewing business and the threat of the "teetotalers". Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes conversation with her daughter about the new gramophone. When Frances remarks on her father's claim that fighting Prohibition is worth going to war for, he shuts her down for eavesdropping, dismissing her as a "filly". Ambrose and Lawrence discuss Frances' "spirit" and ignore her protests that she is still in the vicinity. Elizabeth tries to defuse the argument and suggests they see Mary Pickford's new picture, but Ambrose declines, claiming he and Lawrence have had enough "female histronics". When they leave, Elizabeth briefly lectures Frances on her decorum. They see Alice B. Harris leading a group of women carrying a placard and a banner saying Voting Rights for Women, Amend the constitution now. Alice offers some pamphlets to the passerby, but they ignore her. Frances accepts a pamphlet. Just then, a man throws a tomato at Alice and shouts that all women must stay in the kitchen, not "rabble-rousing in the street". Alice retorts that they're the rabble-rousers. Frances is impressed with Alice. Elizabeth grabs her daughter away and orders her not to speak with them. Frances says they're brave, but Elizabeth refuses to listen and contradicts that they're just a nuisance. She continues to walk away while Frances looks back at the women, determined.

June 23, 1919 - Frances is lying in her house dead. The police at the scene believe that she fell off the staircase. Later at the old police station, an officer writes in Frances' file that the cause of her death was murder. However, what caused this horrible scene and what really happened the night she was found dead remained unsolved, as no one was home at that time except the servants.

Present - A college student named Emma Stone drops by the homicide team's office looking for Det. Rush. Her women's studies professor, Janice Warner, said that Det. Rush was the only female homicide detective in East Philly. However, Rush corrects that she's not the only one now; Miller approaches them and Rush introduces her to Emma. Emma wants Rush to solve the murder of her great-great-aunt Frances, having brought some heirlooms and a historical book featuring the Stone family's house from her recently-deceased Grandmother Stone. The detectives are overwhelmed about the Stones' wealth, but Emma reveals that it's all gone due to Prohibition. She found a letter inside Frances' locket and gives it to Rush. It's addressed to "Phil" and says no one must find out about their "secret passion". Emma thinks it's a love letter, and the detectives wonder if it got Frances killed since she was set to marry the man whose picture is in the locket with hers, Lawrence, but broke off the engagement shortly before her death. Rush at first has doubts about taking on this case since no solid evidence was presented for murder and there's no other connections to prove it, especially as the probable suspects are long dead (as Det. Vera stated). However, Emma is determined to know what really happened to Frances since it haunted Grammy Stone before she died a week prior; she wants closure for her late grandmother's sake. Rush accepts the job and tells her team that they'll be solving their oldest case yet. Vera mentions it's a record-breaker since the crime took place 88 years ago. Miller asks Rush, "What are we waiting for?" Rush replies, "Let's break out the ice picks."

Rush, Valens, and Lt. Stillman reopen Frances Stone's case, checking out some possible evidence and documents that were archived for a long time. Rush reads an old newspaper article on Lawrence and Frances' engagement. A woman in a maid uniform can also be seen in the image.

Flashback - At a garden party, Lawrence gifts Frances the locket, which she likes. He then pulls out a ring, asking her to marry him. Frances is at a loss for words, and Lawrence encourages her to say yes. Frances plans to attend Vassar and is not sure if she wants to be a wife and mother, instead aspiring to write and be able to travel the world. Lawrence insists she should be happy, and points out that her father has already given his blessing. Frances realizes her opinion doesn't matter. Just then, the maid comes, saying both their parents are asking if they have any news to share. After a moment, Frances says yes and accepts Lawrence's proposal. A photographer takes a picture of her, Lawrence, and her parents for the newspaper.

Present - Lilly reads the maid's name is Philippa Abruzzi, AKA Phil. That's who Frances' letter was addressed to. There was clearly a big secret that Frances and Phil were keeping. Lilly gets a call at that moment, and tells Stillman she needs to leave.

Lilly goes to jail, where her mother is being held. Ellen is drunk, and tells Lilly to go away, not wanting her to see the former like that. Lilly reminds her it's not the first time. Ellen says her husband left her 5 months ago. Lilly gets a squad car to drop Ellen off, saying she'll come by later. Ellen walks off with the officer, saying "don't bother."

Back at the station, Jeffries and Miller talk to Audrey Abruzzi, Philippa's daughter, who's happy to be going out somewhere. They ask her about her mother's relationship with the Stone family, especially Frances. Audrey says that they were like sisters, and Frances taught her mother to read, something uncommon for women at the time. The detectives ask if it's possible that they could've been lovers, but Audrey denies it. When Miller mentions the note, Audrey reveals her mother and Frances did share a secret, but it wasn't sexual: They were suffragettes.

Flashback - Audrey plays in the kitchen with her mother. Frances comes in, and Audrey asks if she'll read her a book later. Frances agrees, but asks to speak to Phil first. Audrey asks if it's about her mother's black eye, which her daddy gave to her. Phil quickly tells her to go upstairs. Audrey leaves, but watches from the doorway as Frances asks if Phil's husband really did hit her. She admits he did, because he caught Phil reading the suffragette pamphlet. Frances tells Phil about her earlier encounter with them, and both marvel at the women's refusal to back down. Frances suggests they should go to a meeting, but Phil is afraid of her husband catching her. Frances assures her if he comes to the meeting, the suffragettes will "string him up." Phil states that women should have the right to vote so they can pass laws to punish men for beating their wives, and Frances muses that Audrey could become a lawyer someday, putting those "jackasses" away.

Present - Jeffries realizes Frances and Phil's secret was actually political. Miller notes that opens up a whole new list of suspects, mainly those who didn't want the 19th amendment to be passed. Audrey says that includes Frances' father because women were the driving force behind Prohibition being passed, which is what led to the Stone family being ruined.

Vera and Rush visit Emma's house, looking for clues. Vera admires a gramophone with a Sophie Tucker record, which Emma mentions was Elizabeth's favorite. Rush finds Frances' diary, and reads an entry from June 14, 1919, showing that Frances wasn't thrilled about her engagement to Lawrence. The next entry is June 15, when Frances describes going to her first suffragette meeting.


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  • At 88 years old, this is easily the oldest case featured on the series. It's 11 years older than the second-oldest case (and previous record holder) in "Beautiful Little Fool", a 77-year-old case from 1929 solved in 2006. In both cases, everyone involved had since died except for an elderly woman, who was a little girl at the time, who unwittingly gives a clue to the killer's identity. Also, in both cases, the now-deceased killer had left a voice recording confessing their actions. Both episodes also feature a subplot involving Lilly's mother.
  • Several characters talk about the ratification of the 19th Amendment leading to Prohibition. In fact, Prohibition had already been enacted in January of 1919. The 19th Amendment was passed in the US Congress on the 4th June 1919, with Pennsylvania enacting the 19th Amendment into law on the 24th June 1919.
  • G. Hopper's case box is visible when Jeffries puts Frances' case box away.
  • The captions misspell Frances' name as "Francis".


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