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Tommy Flanagan
Tommy in 1979
Tommy Flanagan
Portrayed by John White
Episode Iced
Status Deceased (1980)

Tommy Flanagan was an 18-year-old rookie hockey player and the victim in "Iced".


Tommy faced some resistance from his family in his aspirations to join the local hockey league, the Fishtown Dockrats. The most vocal was his older brother, then 23-year-old Sean Flanagan, a hockey player himself who had to quit when he was injured in an accident. Sean would give his brother a hard time about hockey because of his age, size, lack of experience, etc. But Tommy was undeterred and joined anyway in 1979. With this "new life", he would make new friends and become a very popular and talented player.

Tommy fell in love with Molly Heaton, the attractive and headstrong daughter of Coach Heaton. Tragically, their relationship wouldn't fully take off because of his best friend, Dwight Barnes. Tommy had been friends with him since third grade, though began distancing himself from Dwight to focus on hockey. Originally supportive of Tommy, Dwight grew jealous of his talents and the attention he was getting, and felt abandoned by him. To get back at his friend, Dwight got Molly drunk and raped her at a party. Tommy found out and furiously confronted Dwight about his betrayal on the rink. He called Dwight a loser, resulting in him beating Tommy to death with his own stick.

Tommy's death was blamed on a rival of his, Cullen Masters, but there was not enough evidence to charge him. Cullen went to the cold case team in 2009 to clear his name once and for all. In the epilogue, Cullen, Sean and Nick Vera play a pickup hockey game and Sean imagines seeing Tommy on the ice.