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Tommy Dratton 1985
Tommy in 1985
Tommy Dratton 1998
Tommy in 1998
Tommy Dratton 2007
Tommy in 2007
Tommy Dratton
Portrayed by Evan Brenner (1985)
Trent Gill (1998)
Reston Williams (2007)
Episode The Good Death
Status Alive

Tommy Dratton is the only son of Jay Dratton and Caroline Dratton, who appeared in the episode The Good Death.


Way back when he was young, Tommy is a kind, loving, and happy-go-lucky kid who really loved his father so much even when his fathers work was sometimes compromised, just to give him more attention. However, at the time when his father suffers a brain tumor, as he turned a grown up teenage man, he became arrogant, self-centered, and being boorish to his father; maybe because Jay was giving more time and attention to his job, and stressing himself to work, which Tommy started to show his disappointment towards his father. As his dad already on the verge of his death, he asked him to never forget Jay when he's gone and try to remember the good times they had when he was a little kid, which in turn, he denied all of it even though he really remembered and still shown a slight deep care for his father despite those bad times they had together when he was trying to beat his illness he was suffering to. After his father's sudden passing, he had a new life, became married and also became a father himself, having a kid of his own (which exactly a look alike of him when he was little). When his father's case was officially solved and declared as a good death case, he returned to Motel Louise where his father used to bring him there when he was a kid, and finally reuniting to his mom again, and together revisiting their past before Jay looked at them, happily together from far away for the last time.