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Tommy DiCenzio 2001
Tommy in 2001
Tommy DiCenzio 2005
Tommy in 2005
Tommy DiCenzio
Portrayed by Tommy Savas
Episode Frank's Best
Status Arrested

Tommy DiCenzio was the child of Frank DiCenzio and Lydia. He also killed his father.


At some point prior to 2001, he started going to a junior college and taking college classes.

His life changed in 2000 when his mother died, of unknown causes. (It is possible that it was cancer or some other illness.) He had a close relationship with her. Because of her death, his father changed and wouldn't spend time with him, but would spend time at the family business, a deli. As his father would spend all his time working, he became friends with Nick "Stump" Fanelli until his father told him to stop hanging out together.

Frank and Tommy had a breakthrough when his father had promised his son that he could do a sports league, specifically a son and father hockey league that they had done in the past; could spend a lot more time together.

However that wasn't enough as Tommy had grown jealous of his father's relationship with his employee Ricardo Muñoz, an immigrant from El Salvador. In the end, he would kill his dad due to jealousy by repeatedly beating him to death.

Years later, he would be working in a grocery store and later arrested for his father's murder.