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Tom Sanders 1970
Reverend Sanders in 1970
Tom Sanders 2009
Reverend Sanders in 2009
Reverend Tom Sanders
Portrayed by Dig Wayne (1970)
John Cothran (2009)
Episode Soul
Status Alive

Reverend Tom Sanders is a character from "Soul". He is the father of Tom Sanders Jr. (who died in Vietnam) and Billy Sanders. His wife who was alive in 1970 was neither seen nor even named. Tom just refers to her as "Mother".

Tom was also having an affair with Geraldine Watkins. Billy came to her apartment to pay back his loan and saw his Dad's cuff links on the dresser.

Tom found Billy in church and had to come clean about the affair. Billy also wanted to leave with his pregnant girlfriend Beatrice Sloan. Things got heated and bad stuff was said. Tom declared that Billy should have died instead of Tom Jr. Billy retorted that Tom Jr. said he was glad to be drafted because he got to get away from their overbearing father. Tom came to regret his words after Billy was found dead.

Reverend Tom got to finally meet his grandson Archie Sloan in 2009. Archie has a son of his own, which makes Tom a great-grandfather. They both imagine Billy watching over them.