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Tom Rabinski 2005
Tom in 2005
Tom Rabinski 2008
Tom in 2008
Dr. Tom Rabinski
Portrayed by John Prosky
Episode Ghost Of My Child
Status Arrested

Tom Rabinski was a doctor at St Paul's Hospital until 2008. Married to Lois Rabinski, the couple had been trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive a baby for some time. Lois had had multiple miscarriages, with her last one in February of 2005 resulting in her having to have a D&C, which wasn't her first. Shortly afterward, Tom was working at the hospital when the body of a four-month-old infant was brought in. The baby had been abused, which was most likely the cause of death. In his capacity as a doctor, Tom had full access to the morgue, and stole the baby's body, using it in a desperate plot for him and Lois to have a child.

Through her work, Lois had met a young mother named Priscilla Chapin, a former drug addict who had been involved and had an eight-month-old son with one of Lois's clients at the Maloney Smith Center, where she worked as a rehab counselor. As far as Lois was concerned, Priscilla couldn't properly care for the baby, Max Chapin, due to her addiction to drugs, and Max's father, Ellis Ward, was too busy serving his addiction to care about the child. Priscilla had confided in Lois that in order to stay off drugs during the long nights, she would leave Max to walk to the flower mart near her home. One such night, Tom broke into Priscilla's apartment through the window in the baby's room. Despite seeing that it was lovingly decorated, he told himself it was tiny and dirty, and kidnapped Max, planting the stolen body in his place. To cover his tracks, Tom lit a fire in the baby's room and turned the gas stove on, noticing the jars of baby food lining the shelf above. After returning home with Max, he and Lois lovingly unwrapped him to find hat he was wearing a homemade onesie that spelled out 'MY MOMMY LOVES ME'.

Over the next three years, Tom and Lois did their best to forget, raising Max, who they renamed Isaac, as their own. How they explained his sudden presence to their family and friends is unknown. Until one day in 2008, a few days after Lois was questioned about Priscilla and Ellis, Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens, along with uniformed police and a caseworker from DHS, showed up at their home, having uncovered their crime. Tom at first angrily denied everything, but after being told how much Priscilla missed Max, Lois's guilt got to her and she confessed, insisting they could take better care of Max than Priscilla could. Tom agreed, claiming if it weren't for them, Max would've ended up like the baby whose body he had stolen. After hearing that they knew this wasn't the truth, Lois finally admitted that they had tried to forget. Tom and Lois were both arrested, with Max being reunited with Priscilla a short time later.