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Tom Bernard 1973
Tom in 1973
Tom Bernard 2008
Tom in 2008
Tom "The Breeze" Bernard
Portrayed by B.J. Britt (1973)
Clifton Powell (2008)
Episode Glory Days
Status Alive

Tom Bernard is a character from "Glory Days". He and his best friend of Mike McShane played football together for the University of Pennsylvania Warriors in 1973. Tom was known as "Breeze" because of his speed.

Tom had bad kidneys but couldn't hide it forever. Mike saw him vomiting and informed their coach. Breeze was then cut from the team, ostensibly because he wasn't doing good enough in his studies. He resented Mike for telling on him. Breeze was hospitalized on the day that Mike died.

In 2008, he's still working at Pennsylvania U as assistant coach. Time has softened Breeze and by then he understood that Mike saved his life. It was later found out that the team booster Steve Pratt was dosing the team with steroids, which made Breeze's kidneys worse. This knowledge was why Breeze got cut and Mike got killed.

Breeze imagines seeing Mike on the football field in the epilogue.