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Tim Malone 1986
Tim in 1986
Tim Malone 2010
Tim in 2010
Tim Malone
Portrayed by Preston Bailey (1986)
Scott Anthony Leet (2010)
Episode One Fall
Status Alive

Tim Malone is a character from "One Fall". He is the son of Mick Malone and Rachel Malone.

Tim's parents were divorced in 1986 so he didn't see his dad often. This all changed when Mick decided to become a pro wrestler. Tim gave his dad the nickname "The Machine". Mick was a natural and became WIC champion.

Tim was taken by his dad to a wrestling event in Baltimore. Mick lost the championship back to "Sweet" Sil Tavern after being thrown through a table. He was stretchered out while Tim was left behind in the warehouse arena, needing to be picked up by his Mom.

Tim thought that his dad was dead but he saw him again at the docks. Mick told him that he was okay and wrestling was all pretend. Rachel was furious with Mick and applied for sole custody of Tim. They did not know that Mick was hospitalized after almost breaking his neck.

Tim then imitated the table spot that his dad went through by jumping from the roof to see if he will also be okay, only to go into a coma for five days. When he woke up, he found out that his dad was murdered.

Tim is working in the same docks as Mick used to in 2010. He lied about his childhood injury, saying he broke his arm playing football. He also provided crucial evidence when one of his bootleg tapes showed Sweet Sil brandishing the gun that killed Mick. After the case was solved, Tim imagined seeing his dad while working.