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Tim Hudson 1978
Tim in 1978
Tim Hudson 2010
Tim in 2010
Tim Hudson
Portrayed by Adam Powell (1978)
William Russ (2010)
Episode The Last Drive-In
Status Alive

Tim Hudson is a presumed survivor of a murder attempt by Paul Shepard. He was a friend and sometimes co-worker of Preston Schmall.

In 1978, Preston and Tim went to Bill Shepard's home to repossess his car, which led to an unpleasant encounter when Bill came outside. Bill asked for more time to make payments on his car, but Preston and Tim showed no compassion, even after he metioned that he is a former Marine, like Tim.

Tim was shot, presumably by Paul Shepard, sometime in 1982. He survived the shooting, but is now paralyzed.

When Bill Shepard committed suicide in 1978, he referred to the repo men in his suicide note as being "devoid of common human decency."