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Bones 1958
"Bones" in 1958
Bones 2006
"Bones" in 2006
Tim "Bones" Hamlin
Portrayed by Eric Jungmann (1958)
Richard Roat (2006)
Episode Static
Status Alive

Tim Hamlin, better known by his nickname "Bones" was an assistant to famed rock DJ John "The Hawk" Hawkins, until Hawkins' murder in 1958.


Bones thought highly of his boss, but had more than one disagreement with Hawk. He had made an ill-fated attempt to break into the music industry by writing a single called "Belly Button Rock". Bones had been trying to impress a girl named Sally, whom he'd met at a roller rink, and was upset when Hawk didn't play his song. Bones stormed in during a conversation between Hawk and his ex-wife, Dottie Mills. He offered to have his father buy Hawk a Skylark to get Hawk to play the song, but Hawk insisted he wasn't for sale. Bones then stormed out, after making a seemingly veiled threat about the gun Hawk kept in the recording booth. Bones' resentment didn't last long, however. He returned the next day, hat in hand, and was forgiven.

Bones was present at one of the sock-hops that Hawk hosted where a man named Lloyd Chester threatened Hawk and wrongly accused him of impregnating his daughter, Carly. Bones was also with him at a concert when Scott "Skiz" Stenkovic and his girlfriend, Jenny, tried to approach Hawk. Bones stopped Skiz but Jenny managed to give Hawk a record she'd made. Bones didn't know that Jenny was actually Hawk's long-estranged daughter and she'd recorded "Scarlet Rose", a song he had written for her as a child, to prove who she was.

Hawk refused to take bribes from record companies to play songs, but Bones, whom Hawk let pick one song a day, was approached by Benson Ockley, a record company executive, to play one of their songs, "Squaretown". Ockley gave Bones money, took him to an exclusive club, and set him up with two girls, Gigi and Lulu. When Hawk found out, he went to the club to confront Bones. Hawk warned Bones that the former could go to jail because of what Bones had done, and revealed that the girls were actually prostitutes. Hawk reminded him that the music was what was important. Bones, feeling guilty, asked Hawk what he'd do. Hawk told him he'd be leaving town for a while with Jenny.

The next night on August 29, 1958, Bones was present for the start of what would be Hawk's last show, then left to DJ at a party. Later that night, Hawk was found dead in his booth, gun in hand, in an apparent suicide.

Bones would later admit his songs weren't very good and Hawk had saved him from years of frustration. Bones was still able to recognise talent in others and built a successful career on that as a music producer.

Decades later in 2006, new evidence showed that Hawk's death hadn't been a suicide, but murder. After the detectives learned about Bones' argument with Hawk from Dottie, Bones, now an older man, was questioned about it at his office by Detectives Nick Vera and Kat Miller. Bones explained that Hawk had forgiven him and he held no resentment. When asked if anyone else had a problem with Hawk, Bones told them about the time Lloyd had threatened him.

After learning that Bones had taken bribes from Ockley, Detectives Scotty Valens and Will Jeffries questioned him again. Bones regretted what he'd done, but told them something in Hawk had already changed, and that he planned to go on a trip with Jenny. This led to the police discovering that Hawk's ex-wife Dottie had shot him to stop him from helping make Jenny a singer.

The episode ends with Bones admiring his own accolades. However, his younger self appears in a reflection and he isn't smiling; there is a small part of Bones that still regrets taking payola.