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Tiffany O'Connell 1990
Tiffany in 1990
Tiffany O'Connell 2004
Tiffany in 2004
Tiffany O'Connell
Portrayed by Ashley Rose Orr (1990)
Dawn Stahlak (2004)
Episode The Sleepover
Status Alive

Tiffany O' Donnell was a rich and popular 12-year-old middle school student who attended Chestnut Collegiate. She was close friends with Brandi Beaudry and Ariel Shuman, and a frequent tormentor of Rita Baxter.

While Brandi was mean, Tiffany's bullying of Rita proved to be relentless. Somehow, Tiffany became aware of the affair between her father and Rita's mother Kelly, which caused her to resent them both. The invitation to Brandi's sleepover served as another opportunity to torment Rita (e.g. referring to Rita's mother as a slut, joyously engaging in circling Rita's body "fat" and insulting the latter at every chance).

However, the Beaudrys arrived early that night, but not before Tiffany and Ariel hid until they snuck back into Brandi's room later. To keep Rita from revealing her and Neil's abuse, Brandi insisted the trio kill her, which they all agreed to.

After kicking Neil out, Brandi maniacally constructed ways to kill Rita as Tiffany waited around uninterested. Eventually, she backed out when she became fed up and disgusted with Brandi's deranged behavior and Ariel's persistence to be Brandi's doormat. Tiffany ended up leaving Rita behind, a decision which more than likely haunted her as Rita's pleading face would remain engraved in her memory. After raiding the Beaudrys' liquor cabinet, she eventually passed out.

Tiffany's life would continue to crumble years after Rita's murder. Her alcoholism got her kicked out of Chestnut Collegiate, followed by years of multiple DUI's and house arrest in a lower income home. She had also fallen out with her father.

In 2004 when the case was reopened, Tiffany resented her former friends for seemingly living perfect lives while she was apparently the only one affected by Rita's death. Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens convinced Tiffany to save herself from going down for Rita's murder, prompting her to stop keeping secrets and eventually leading to Ariel confessing to the crime.