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Tiffany 1965
Tiffany in 1965
Tiffany 2005
Tiffany in 2005
Portrayed by Olivia Hack (1965)
Jessie Jones (2005)
Episode A Perfect Day
Status Alive

Tiffany was a young woman staying at a battered women's shelter run by Nancy Walsh in 1965. While there, she became friends with another woman named Cindy Mulvaney, who had taken her two daughters Maura and Vivian Mulvaney, and escaped from her abusive husband Roger Mulvaney. Cindy wouldn't talk to anyone but her girls, but Tiffany became something of a confidant to Cindy.

Art Balducci, the police officer who had given Cindy the number for the shelter, visited her there soon after her arrival, and Tiffany watched as a romance began between the two of them. A few days later, Art would take Cindy, her daughters, and Tiffany to the Jersey Shore for a day at the beach. Tiffany managed to capture the day on a home movie camera.

A few weeks later, however, Roger (a police officer himself) managed to track Cindy down at the shelter and begged her to come home. Cindy, thinking she had no choice, agreed. After Roger left for his shift, Tiffany reminded Cindy that she had "another choice" in Art. Though Cindy took her girls and left the shelter, Tiffany, for years afterward, chose to believe she'd run away with Art. Tiffany eventually started a new life, but never forgot her time at the shelter. In the following years, she would become one of it's most generous donors and continued to volunteer there.

In 2005, when Vivian's remains were found in the river, Tiffany was questioned by Detective Will Jeffries about what she'd said to Cindy. Tiffany told him about Art, though she could no longer recall his name. She remembered the day at the beach, however, and told Jeffries about the movie she shot, offering it to him with more than a little flirting.