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Lilly re-opens the case of a college freshman, Laurie Dunne who died in a fraternity house fire in 2004. The fire was deemed accidental at the time, but a cell phone photo, e-mailed from the girl's phone just moments before her death, prompts a closer examination.


The victim, Laurie Dunne, is singing and dancing along to a song while getting ready for a party at her school, Pennsylvania State University. Her dad comes in without knocking and sees her dancing. Embarrassed, she sits down and uses her brush to insinuate that she was just fixing her hair. Mr. Dunne gives Laurie a pink scarf that belonged to her late mother. She sheds tears full of joy and takes a picture of herself and her dad with her phone. Mr. Dunne tells Laurie she looks like her mom and she would be so proud of her daughter. Cut to a house fire and Laurie is dead on the ground. A police officer is seen typing that Laurie had died from smoke inhalation caused by the house fire. Her death was ruled as an accident.

In the present, Mr. Dunne comes into the police station. He tells the team about his daughter Laurie's life and how she died in the fire. Lilly points out that the fire was an accident and they only specialize in homicides. Mr. Dunne thought it was an accident too, but according to the pictures he found in Laurie's email, he now believes otherwise. Laurie emailed the photo to herself, and the detectives assume she may have wanted evidence of what really happened the night of the party. It was taken 40 minutes before her death.

Lilly and Stillman go to the university to question Dirk Bryant, Laurie's former best friend who claims he left the party an hour before the fire. They show him the picture of Laurie being force-fed alcohol. Stillman asks if he knows anything about who gave Laurie the alcohol. Dirk denies it. Lilly asked him if he's sure. Dirk says he went back to his dorm room and passed out, which his roommate can vouch for. Lilly asks him when was the last time he saw Laurie. Dirk says he saw her at the party. She wanted to stay and drink. Stillman is skeptical, and Dirk says he never invited Laurie to begin with; she invited herself.

Flashback: Manny, one of the frat boys, tells Dirk to sit down and eat his lunch with no hands. Dirk puts his head down and starts eating with only his mouth. Laurie comes to say hello to Dirk and asks what he's doing. Manny asks Dirk if he can introduce Laurie to him, which he does. Laurie introduces Deidre to the frat boys too--they met in foreign film club. Deidre sits at another table waiting for Laurie. Laurie invites Dirk to an Ingmar Bergman film the next Saturday night but Dirk doesn't say anything. Manny speaks for him and says that Dirk is committed to pledging the fraternity. He mentions the frat is throwing a party and says everyone is invited. Manny asks if Dirk even thought about inviting Laurie. Dirk shrugs it off and says, "Guess I forgot." Laurie accepts the invitation. Manny says, "Bring your cute friend along too." Laurie walks away smiling as the flashback fades.

In the present, Dirk says Deidre did come to the party with Laurie. Stillman asks if he knows where to find Deidre. Dirk explains that he and Laurie drifted apart by college--he didn't know her friends, she didn't know his. Lilly asked how. Dirk simply replies, "Things change. What are you going to do?" Lilly counters, "You mean you changed." Dirk again shrugs it off, claiming he wanted more than reading foreign film subtitles. Scotty goes to question Deidre, who says she remembers the frat boys and they were mean. Scotty asks Deidre if she can share in her point of view if she saw anything. They show her Laurie's photo. Josie reminds her that Laurie was her friend and asks Deidre to help her and Scotty out. Deidre talks about how the boys blindfolded both her and Laurie. The minute they went in, they they couldn't see what the frat boys were doing nor where their super secret room was, where the real party would be at. Deidre mentions she even bought a new dress for the party. Scotty asks what happened after they blindfolded her. Deidre sarcastically replies that the real fun and games began.

In a flashback, the frat party is in full swing and the frat boys, including Dirk, were escorting Deidre and Laurie upstairs wearing blindfolds. Manny welcomes them to their "pen". Manny opens the door and Laurie asks if she can take off her blindfolds but Manny tells her not just yet. They're going to introduce them to the other boys. Unbeknownst to the girls, the boys are wearing pig masks and put Deidre on the "hog scale", a meter shown to weigh overweight girls in order to see who measures accordingly. Dirk states what Manny's doing isn't cool but Manny doesn't care. He then introduces Laurie and she too goes on the hog scale. Once on, it is assumed Laurie weighs more than Deidre. They are then told to take off their blindfolds. The boys humiliate them. Manny tells Laurie she is "queen of the porkers" and welcomes her to the "pigpen porkies". Deidre throws the ribbon at him and leaves. Laurie looks at Dirk, disappointed, and Dirk defends that he didn't know they were going to do this. Laurie attempts to leave but the boys drag her back inside the room and close the door on Deidre.

In the present, Deidre says they all got out of there, except for Laurie. She is inquired why she kept it a secret. Deidre responds, "Would you want to tell the world what they did to you?" Deidre goes on to say what happened to Laurie was an accident. Lilly and the team talk about how the frat boys put Deidre and Laurie on display just to humiliate them. Naya comes in and shows them the photo of the fraternity ring, and they decide to make some calls. Scotty and Nick head on over to Gamma Rho Fraternity, where they're received by a pledge guy dressed as a female maid. Scotty tells him they're looking for Manny. The guy tells them to come inside. Scotty and Nick look at each other, flustered, and follow him. They see Manny sitting on the couch. The guy in the maid suit stays until Manny tells him to stop gawking and get lost. Manny tells the detectives that's how he disciplines the new pledges. Nick informs Manny that they know about his "Hog Scale party". Scotty asks what he did after he dragged Laurie to the pen. Manny meant for the party to be a joke and insists he didn't do anything to Laurie. Nick tells Manny to give his side of the story.

In the flashback, the boys grab Laurie back inside the room because the party is not over yet. Laurie confronts Dirk and starts calling him names of what he experienced back in school, when all the jocks made fun of him. She asks if he still remembers. The frat guys laugh and one of them inquires if it that really happened. Angered, Laurie tells him that she's not talking to him and to shut up. She talks some sense into Dirk about how he's being a real jerk, and he used to hate guys like that but he's already become one of them. One of the guys makes a pig sound and laughs in Laurie's face. Laurie says she knows who he is and exits the room. She sees Deidre, whose dress is ripped and her mascara smeared as she's crying. Laurie asks her what happened but Deidre doesn't respond and is instead sobbing. They get out of there. Manny doesn't sympathize and goes back to having fun at the party.

In the present, Manny makes a rude remark about Deidre and Laurie getting emotional. Scotty notes that Deidre was still in the house. An agitated Manny asks, "Yeah, so what?" Nick asks what did Laurie mean by "I know who you are" to the older guy. Manny dismisses it as he doesn't remember and/or doesn't know. Josie and Will ask Deidre why she lied. Shirley, another student and a friend of Laurie and Deidre, begs Deidre to tell them the truth. Deidre goes on to say she had just bought that dress and someone ripped it. Josie asks who hurt her, but Deidre couldn't tell as it was dimly lit and she barely knew who it was. Deidre tried to find her way out of the frat house but there were so many rooms. Someone just grabbed her out of nowhere. It was over before she could even scream. Laurie found Deidre and got her out. And then Deidre claims Laurie betrayed her.

In the flashback, Shirley asks Deidre if she's okay, but she's hysterical. Laurie knows Deidre is not okay. Dirk then comes outside and wants to talk to Laurie, but the girls demand he get away from them. Dirk swears he didn't know they were going to do that. Laurie asks how he could have not known, to which Dirk explains they don't tell the pledges anything and he never meant for any of the girls to come if he knew. Deidre calls him a "lying piece of crap" but Dirk begs Laurie to give him two minutes to explain. Deidre declares Laurie doesn't care what he has to say. However, Laurie argues Dirk is her friend and she wants to hear him out. Sadly, Laurie goes back into the house and closes the door to speak with Dirk in private.

In the present, Josie asks both Deidre and Shirley what they did after that. Shirley answers they went straight home. That they pretended that it never happened. Will tells Josie to come over as they I.D.'d the guy pouring tequila down Laurie's throat: city Councilman Joseph "John" Avery. Will and Lilly go to Mr. Dunne's house and ask him if he knew Avery, but Mr. Dunne says he doesn't. The conversation goes quickly to Dirk. Mr. Dunne says, "What about him?" Lilly asks if they keep in touch. Mr. Dunne says Dirk comes over for a meal once a week, and they watch TV together and talk. It helps him take his mind off things. Mr. Dunne asks why they are asking about Dirk. Lilly states that Mr. Dunne noticed Dirk and Laurie were growing apart by the time they reached college. However, Mr. Dunne denies it. He recalled that by the time Laurie's mom wasn't coming back from the hospital, 12-year-old Laurie didn't shed a tear. One night, Mr. Dunne can't sleep and hears Laurie crying. That's when he sees 12-year-old Dirk consoling Laurie. And Mr Dunne knew right then, Dirk was the only one she could depend on. Mr. Dunne questions if the police want to tell him what made them ask about Dirk. Josie and Scotty confront Dirk and tell him what he's doing is either because he's committed or he feels guilty. Dirk just states his lawyer said they can't talk to him. Scotty informs Dirk that Manny knows he's on the case. And tells everyone. Josie questions why Dirk brought Laurie back inside the house. Dirk says no one made him do anything that night, no one but himself.

In the flashback, Dirk tries explaining himself to Laurie inside the frat house. Laurie doesn't want to hear it but knows she has to. Dirk apologizes and Laurie gets angry and exclaims, "That's what you have to say for yourself?" It's not good enough. Dirk talks about the time Laurie's mother died and how he remembered watching her cry. And he remembered thinking how they were just 12 years old. But those years were over. Dirk knew that night that he was the only person Laurie can rely on. She agrees he always was. Dirk replies, "But not tonight." He returns Laurie's pink scarf. She is in tears and they both embrace one another. But it's quickly broken up when Manny and the frat boys come inside. Manny intimidates Laurie by calling her an "oinker" and Laurie tells Dirk they should leave. But Dirk doesn't answer. This time, Manny calls Laurie a "porker". Dirk defends Laurie, but Manny tells him to shut it. Manny grabs Laurie and Dirk demands he leave her alone. Manny punches him, knocking Dirk to the floor. The boys force Laurie to go with them. As they take her, Dirk is calling Laurie's name, but two more frat boys come back and kick him in the stomach. Dirk sees Avery in the pig mask.

In the present, Dirk says he went back to his dorm, and he was out of it and didn't know what to do. Josie and Scotty leave. That night, Stillman, Scotty, and Josie get off work. Stillman informs them that Avery has an appointment tomorrow. Josie states that older, powerful men like Avery are a "bitch". After Stillman leaves, Scotty and Josie continue walking and talking. She asks him what the homicide detectives do on Thursday night. Scotty answers that they drink at Jones Tavern and swap "war stories". He invites Josie to join them but she refuses, not wanting to mix her personal life with work. Scotty admits he did that once and made a mistake. Josie assures him she would understand, having been in a similar situation herself with Sergeant White. They reach her car and Scotty praises it. Josie bids him good night and leaves. Scotty is a little upset, perhaps hoping for a date with her that night.

The next day, Stillman tells Avery he's not convinced the fire was an accident and they know he was at the frat house the night Laurie died. Avery begins to tell his point of view on what happened.

In the flashback, the frat boys force-feed Laurie a bottle of tequila while rap music is playing in the background. Laurie snaps a picture of what they're doing to her using her phone camera. Manny sees this and rips her phone out of her hands. He purposely drops it on the floor and begins stepping on it, breaking it. Avery is shocked that she was taking pictures. Laurie reveals she already emailed it. Manny attempts to assault Laurie, but Avery stops him and tells him to leave her alone. He tells the boys the party's over and to get out. Avery orders Manny to take Laurie home and he doesn't care how.

In the present, Avery says Laurie was alive when he left. There were witnesses who saw him leave the house: the girls. Lilly interrogates Shirley and accuses her of starting the fire. Shirley denies it, but Lilly has a witness, claiming Deidre is blaming it all on Shirley. However, Shirley knows Lilly is lying and says Deidre would never do such a thing. Shirley goes on to say that the boys had no right to do what they did to them. They broke her and the girls. Lilly asks, "Why burn the house?" Shirley says it was to break them.

In the flashback outside, one of the girls suggests to just go home and forget about it. Shirley asks Laurie what they should do because they can't go and tell everyone as they'll just be more humiliated by what they experienced and it's their word against the frat boys'. Laurie gets the idea to burn the house down. Everyone agrees. Deidre grabs the matches and tries to light them, but she's too emotionally overwhelmed. Shirley begins to ask if Deidre's okay and Laurie says she's not. Dirk comes out and talks to Laurie. It's all puzzled together as the detectives already know what happened after that. Deidre attempts to torch the place, but Shirley warns her that Laurie is still inside. A hysterical Deidre couldn't care less, going on to say that Laurie is a traitor. Shirley consoles Deidre and says they should just go home. Deidre doesn't hesitate and takes Shirley's word for it. But then they see Councilman Avery, who Deidre recognizes as her rapist. He berates them one last time by saying, "oink oink" and Deidre promptly torches down the frat house. The girls run while Deidre watches the place burn.

In the present, Deidre recalls the fire spread so fast. Everyone was running and screaming. All she could do was stare and watch. She questions why couldn't Laurie get out. Everyone did, including Dirk. He was the last one out. Scotty and Lilly confront Dirk about his story. Dirk tells them to leave him alone. Scotty knows he stayed trying to save Laurie, but Dirk continues to deny it. He attempts to leave but Scotty stops him. Lilly goes on to say that Dirk was there for Laurie, that he was all she can rely on. Dirk begs them to stop talking about this. His voice begins to break, saying that Laurie made him promise. That was the reason Dirk could never tell anyone what happened: Mr. Dunne thinks Laurie died happy. If Dirk told the truth, it would break his heart. Dirk says he wasn't Laurie's rock, she was his. Lilly wants Dirk to tell them the truth.

In the flashback, Dirk finds Laurie and Manny. Manny begins berating Dirk by saying it's his fault because Laurie took incriminating pictures that if anybody sees, their fraternity will be shut down. Dirk tells Manny it's over. Manny takes out his belt and Dirk right away knows what he's about to do. Dirk orders Manny not to touch Laurie. Manny begins pushing him and Dirk begins fighting back. Manny tells him, "If you won't oink the oinkster, I will." He begins taking Dirk out of the room but they are quickly interrupted when the fire downstairs breaks out. Manny pushes Dirk out of the room. Dirk tries to get Laurie out of the burning room, but Manny slams the door shut, leaving Laurie locked inside. Dirk tells Manny Laurie is still in there. Manny has the key in his hand and makes Dirk choose between him or Laurie. It's implied he chose Laurie and he tells Manny to give him the key, but Manny throws it away and escapes. Laurie pleads for Dirk to help her. Dirk tells her to get away from the door. He tries to kick it open, but it's no use. Dirk escapes through the window, and he tells Laurie to go to the barred window to get some air, but Laurie can't breathe. He goes over to her at the window and tells her to keep her head where there is air. Dirk holds Laurie's hands and urges her not to let go of him. Laurie makes him promise to take care of her dad as she doesn't want him to be alone. Dirk pleads her not to say that, that she will get out. Dirk tells her he won't let her go. Laurie says she knows he won't. Her hands lose their grip with Dirk's and she falls to the ground. Dirk tearfully calls out Laurie's name as she dies.

Fallen by Sarah MCLachlan plays. Lilly and Scotty arrest Manny, and Dirk watches as he is escorted to the police car. As everyone else watches, Shirley snaps a picture of Manny with her phone. At the police station, Deidre is getting her mugshot taken, likely being charged for starting the fire. Avery is escorted out of the police car and questioned by the press as he enters the court room. Nick writes on Laurie's case box that her case is closed. At home, Mr. Dunne looks at a picture of himself and Laurie. Dirk gives him Laurie's pink scarf and sits down near him. As Mr. Dunne looks down, Laurie's ghost appears at her bedroom door and Dirk "sees" her. She smiles at Dirk a bit and nods her head, which he returns. Laurie then fades away.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]


  • Luke Gannon as Brother Scott
  • Mark Wallace as Brother Jim
  • Guy Wilson as Pledge


  • Laurie's case file reads "Dunne, L. M05-132. Closed."
  • The Song "Here Without You" of 3 Doors Down was played later during the Live Funeral of Mexican-American Professional Wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, who passed away on November 13. 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • The flashback scenes are filmed with a digital camera.


  • Outkast "Hey Ya"
  • Bowling For Soup "Almost"
  • Avril Lavigne "Sk8er Boi"
  • PGM "Raise Your Hands"
  • 3 Doors Down "Here Without You"
  • 5 Alarm Music "All Flossed Out"
  • Snow Patrol "Run"
  • PGM "Talk To You"
  • Closing Song: Sarah McLachlan "Fallen"

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