The House
The House

Season : 2
Episode: 4
Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski
Written by: Sean Whitesell
Production Number:
Airdate: October 24, 2004
Date of Crime: January 13, 1968
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When human remains are found outside a former state prison, the team re-opens the 1968 case of a dead inmate, murdered on the night Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Concert was broadcast to prisons throughout the country. However, when it's revealed that the bones don't belong to the person everyone had assumed, the team must start the probe anew by first identifying who the victim was.



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  • Lilly first mentions her old flame Ray Williams, though not by name.
  • The first episode featuring songs by only one artist, rather than many artists from the same era.
  • Blake Clark and Travis Clark - the actors playing older and younger Mike Jaden - are real-life father and son.


All songs are performed by Johnny Cash.

  • "Folsom Prison Blues"
  • "Orange Blossom Special"
  • "I Got Stripes"
  • "Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog"
  • "Cocaine Blues"
  • "Ring of Fire"
  • "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"
  • "Give My Love to Rose"
  • Closing Song: "Flesh and Blood"