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"The Duke" in 1963
"The Duke"
Portrayed by Lucas Caleb Rooney
Episode November 22nd
Status Unknown

"The Duke" was the nickname for a pool player who operated as a hustler in a pool hall outside of Pittsburgh in 1963. Like most hustlers, the Duke operated by playing unsuspecting opponents for money; letting them win initially, then beating them handily once the stakes were raised.

On November 1 of that year, the Duke was hustling a player named Patrick Lennox, while impressing a woman at the bar named Sharon Lertola. The Duke let Patrick win the first round to set him up, then convinced Patrick to raise the stakes to $150. The Duke finally introduced himself, ready to take Patrick down, when Patrick responded he knew who the Duke was. Patrick proceded to clear the table and take the Duke's money. The Duke never knew that Sharon had been in on Patrick's hustle as well. Patrick would be murdered in Philadelphia, however, just a few weeks later.

The Duke's whereabouts in 2009, when Patrick's murder was reopened, are unknown.