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Lilly returns to her last case from before she began solving Cold Cases as she re-investigates the brutal 2003 triple homicide of a restaurant owner, his wife, and their employee. Also, the other team members has personal reasons to closing the case: Jeffries grew up in the predominantly black neighborhood and Vera was the one assigned to the case when Det. Rush left.


This episode opens on September 27, 2003. The song "Still Fly" by Big Tymers is playing as a man walks through a bad part of town at night. He calls up to a fire escape for his friend Joe and tells him he's going to be late. Joe calls the man Derek. Joe gives Derek a hard time for wearing a tie. They come across a drug deal, and Derek confronts the man buying drugs. He asks him about getting clean. They are confronted by a group of men. It then pans to a restaurant and a man sees the confrontation about to happen and tells a woman (Della) "You've got Trouble." She tells the man to call the police if she's not back in a few minutes. She goes and breaks up the confrontation as two men from the restaurant window (one of them is her husband and cook/co-owner Tom) look on. She takes Joe and Derek to the restaurant and tells Derek to get to work busing dishes.

Later, it pans to what appears to be the restaurant empty but pans through showing the stove still hot, dishes not cleaned up, the register open. It then shows Della, her husband, and Derek shot in the men's bathroom. It appears to be the first case we see Lilly at in Season 1, Episode 1 before she decides to work on the cold case of Jill Shelby. Cut to Detective Vera rolling three boxes and putting them on the shelves labeled; Lincoln, T, Lincoln, D and a third box.

Cut to Present Day: Lilly catches up to Jeffries in the hall of the courthouse and they're discussing testifying and he mentions that Vera is testifying at the Prelim for the triple homicide. Jeffries says they finally picked up the shooter because he had been hiding out for a year. He mentions that he knew two of the victims the owners of the restaurant, Della and Tom for over 40 years. Their daughter Nora is his goddaughter. In the courtroom as Lilly and Jeffries watch on, Vera is being questioned on the stand by ADA Kite. Vera says the day after the shooting he searched the home of Squeak Mentor (the suspect) he found a key to the restaurant, $1200 cash, and a 38 caliber pistol. A woman waves to Jeffries and Lilly confirms that is Nora. Vera confirms on the stand that the 38 was the same type of gun that killed all three victims. The defense attorney tells Vera he seems awfully sure the suspect committed the murders. He says yes because he had the key, the gun, and the money. She said she has a video confirming her client was robbing a store in West Philly that night. Jeffries, Vera, Lilly, and Kite rush out to the hallway arguing about who's fault this was and why they didn't know about this. Kite walks away blaming the detectives and Jeffries tells Vera and Lilly that they can't lose this one before he leaves with Nora.

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Cut to Lilly, Valens, and Stillman retrieving the evidence boxes and discussing that the suspect is getting charged for the robbery but didn't do case and that they are starting from the beginning. Lilly confirms with Valens that it was her last job before moving to Cold Case and that Vera took it over. Stillman confirms that Derek Jackson worked for Della and Tom Lincoln at the restaurant they owned for 2 years before the murders. They think Della was the target because the others were shot but Della's throat was also cut.  Jeffries and Lilly go to interview Nora and Vera and Valens Derek's brother. 

Derek's brother (Trey) has now joined the national guard and has been clean from drugs since his brother's murder. He tells them the night of the murder the confrontation was gang members trying to get protection money from Derek before Della broke it up. The head gang member (Sims) threatened Della because she got into his face. 

Jeffries and Lilly go to the Badlands and they see how much worse it's gotten since the murders. Nora let's them into the restaurant. Nora states no one has been in since the murders. She hasn't be able to. She tells them that night she witnessed an altercation with her mom and a waitress (Tyra). Nora sees the murder scene for the first time and breaks down. Jeffries stays with her because she wants to clean it up herself. 

Vera is adamant that the shooter is Sims. Jeffries and Lilly go to follow up with Tyra and Derek's friend Joe. Tyra and her boyfriend tell them about a guy Frank who did odd jobs at the restaurant. She witnessed Frank kissing Della. 

Vera and Valens have a hard time finding anyone in the neighborhood to tell them where Sims is. Vera asks Valens if he is still dating Elisa, and Valens tells him no. When Vera asks him what happened, Valens simply answers that "it was time to change." A kid on a bike gives them information. 

Lilly and Jeffries try to get information about Frank from Nora. They find out he once was a popular neighborhood boxer and find him in a homeless community. Della confronted Frank about throwing away his medication. He said he confused Della wanting to help him and kissed her. He said he would leave, but Tom said he didn't want him to leave he just had to understand he couldn't kiss another man's wife. He told them that Della caught Tyra covering up a bruise from her boyfriend hitting her and that's what their confrontation was about.

Valens and Vera find Sims at a bar. He's now in a wheelchair. He tells them that Joe runs the gang around there now and that's why he's in a chair from being pushed out by his own crew. They threaten him and tell him he's going to go down for the murders because of the confrontation he had with Derek and Della. He starts to tell them about seeing Joe the morning after the murders.

Flashback the morning after, we see Lilly arriving at the scene. Joe wants to talk to her, she tells him to talk to the lead detective on the case, Vera. Sims confronts Joe after Lilly leaves and tells him to roll with him. Joe tells him he's not scared of him and insinuates he was the one that committed the murders and Sims should be scared of him. Present Day he tells them that Joe took over his crew. Vera and Valens tell them he needs to come forward or he's going to go down for the crime.

Back at the station, Stillman tells them originally forensics excluded the victims prints from the scene but this time they didn't and notice that Derek's prints are all over Tom and Della's shoes like he was the one dragging their bodies. They now think it was an inside job gone bad.

Valens and Vera interrogate Joe. They tell him they found Derek's prints all over Della and Tom's feet. Ask him what happened. He tells them at the time of the murders he was getting beaten by his mom's boyfriend and had nine stitches at the hospital. They ask him why he confessed to the murders to Sims. He said it was so all the gang members would think he was hard. 

Tara comes in because of a bench warrant. Lilly tells her she really wanted to talk to her about her boyfriend, Jamal. Tara denies him hitting her. Lilly tells Tara she knows that is why Tara and Della were fighting that day. Jamal didn't know Della told Tara to leave her. Derek flirts with her that night and tells her she deserves someone that treats her right. Jamal saw them that night. She tells Lilly she really doesn't know if Jamal killed them but he didn't come home that night. Lilly gives her the card of a place to say to be safe and asks where Jamal is. 

Kite sees Lilly and Valens. Lilly and Kite talk alone she tells them they are getting close to finding the real killer. He asks Lilly if she regrets them being together. She says no, he says he doesn't either. He tries to ask her out again and she walks away. 

Valens and Lilly go to talk to Jamal. He tells them that Tara wouldn't leave them. He said he didn't do the murders but he roughed up Derek that night for flirting with Tara. Trey comes around and throws bottles at Jamal to break it up and Della and Tom come out and run him off. He gives them an alibi that he was with another girl. Lilly gets a call that Sims was gunned down.

Cut to Jeffries and Vera in the interrogation room with Joe about the shooting. He said it wasn't him, he said anyone would've done it because Sims was talking to the cops. Vera walks out. Jeffries tells him he grew up in the badlands and still came out good. Joe tells him that night after Della ran off Jamal she tells Trey that he needs to cleaned up for Derek. They get into a fight. She sends Joe and Trey away. Della and Derek go back into the restaurant and that's the last time Joe saw them alive.

Vera and Jeffries get into a fight about Vera messing up the case in the first place, he says it was probably due to Vera's marriage problems at the time. 

Valens and Lilly confront Trey at a shooting range. They confront him about not telling them previously about seeing Derek again that night. He tells them Derek let him in the restaurant to eat some leftover food and Derek catches him stealing him from the register. They get into a fight and Tom comes out. Trey pulls out a gun and shoots Tom. Della comes out and he shoots her too. Derek is freaking out and wants to call an ambulance. He tells Derek to help him. Derek pulls them into the bathroom and says What did you do this is my family. Trey freaks out and tells him he's his family. Derek says Della is still alive and Trey slits Della's throat. Derek says he's calling the cops. Derek tells Trey he loves him and Trey shoots Derek. 

"If I ain't got you" by Alicia Keys plays.

Valens and Lilly walk Trey out in cuffs. Cut to Jeffries and Valens in the interrogation room with Joe. We see Tera back at her apartment with Jamal, whom she didn't leave. Nora gives Frank a cook outfit, ready to reopen the restaurant. Vera is at a bar drinking with women who aren't his wife. Cut to Della's opening back up, and Jeffries and Lilly see Nora. Lilly looks over and sees Derek behind the bar, then he disappears and it shows a new boy who now has his job. Cut to a flashback of Jeffries as a young cop holding a young Nora with a younger Tom and Della celebrating an occasion at the restaurant. Present Day Jeffries turns around and sees Della and Tom, and they smile at each other. 


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  • The triple homicide seen in this episode was first investigated by Lilly, Vera, and Chris Lassing, at the start of the pilot episode "Look Again". The date of the murder was given as September 27, 2003, which put the detectives investigating the scene on the following morning of September 28. September 28, 2003 was the initial CBS airdate for "Look Again".
  • This marks the last appearance, to date, of ADA Kite, although his voice is heard when Lilly leaves him a phone message in "Beautiful Little Fool".


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