The Badlands
The Badlands

Season : 2
Episode: 1
Directed by: Tim Matheson
Written by: Chris Mundy
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Airdate: 3 October 2004
Date of Crime: 27 September 2003
Previous: Lover's Lane (Season 1)
Next: Factory Girls

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Lilly returns to her last case before joining the Cold Case Squad as she re-investigates the brutal 2003 triple homicide of a restaurant owner, his wife, and their employee. Also, the other team members has personal reasons to closing the case: Jeffries grew up in the predominantly black neighborhood and Vera was the one assigned to the case when Det. Rush left.



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  • The triple homicide seen in this episode was first investigated by Lilly, Vera, and Chris Lassing, at the start of the pilot episode "Look Again". The date of the murder was given as September 27, 2003, which put the detectives investigating the scene on the following morning of September 28. September 28, 2003 was the initial CBS airdate for "Look Again".
  • This marks the last appearance, to date, of ADA Kite, although his voice is heard when Lilly leaves him a phone message in "Beautiful Little Fool".


  • Big Tymers "Still Fly"
  • Shuggie Otis "Strawberry Letter 23"
  • Groove Armada "Hands Of Time"
  • Soul Hooligan "Soul Searching"
  • Ashanti "Foolish"
  • Master Source "Mine For The Takin"
  • Closing Song: Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You"