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Terry Lucas 1969
Terry in 1969
Terry Lucas 2005
Terry in 2005
Terry Lucas
Portrayed by Bradley Snedeker (1969)
Skip O'Brien (2005)
Episode Revolution
Status Alive

Terry Lucas is a character from "Revolution".

He was Ellie McCormick's best friend and husband of her other best friend, Suzanne. Ellie met Warren Cousins at their wedding. Terry became controlling and abusive towards his wife after learning he was drafted to The Vietnam War. But Suzanne would defend him, saying her husband is just "a little upset" and "is having a hard day", which of course wasn’t the truth. Terry revealed himself to be a coward and hypocrite after he tried to get Ellie to also help him dodge the draft.

Terry is a gym teacher in 2005 and has seemingly reformed. He is last seen being glared at by his ex-wife Suzanne.