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Terrance in 2002
Terrance Carter
Portrayed by Maestro Harrell
Episode Wunderkind
Status Deceased (2002)

Terrance Carter was a 14-year-old math prodigy in "Wunderkind". He was killed by his older brother, Michael Carter, during an argument over Terrence "screwing up" Michael's chances of joining The 29th Street Crew, a local gang in the boys' neighbourhood.


Terrance's father, Gerald, left when he was a baby and he was raised by his mother, Cheryl. By the age of 14, Terrance had dropped out of education entirely and, as reported by his mother, seemed to have no direction in life - spending most of his time hanging out with Michael or daydreaming.

Somewhere during his childhood, Terrance discovered that he had a natural talent (perhaps a savant ability) for mathematics and number patterns.