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Teddy Nimmo
Portrayed by Andrew James Allen
Episode Thrill Kill
Status Deceased (2007)

Teddy Nimmo is one of the victims in "Thrill Kill". He was the son of Myrna Nimmo and friend of Dylan Noakes.

After the 1994 murders of George Russo, Jack Raymes and Sean Costley, Teddy and Dylan were implicated by Heidi Jenner, who was a compulsive liar. Detective Joe Connelly beat a false confession out of Teddy. He and Dylan were given life for the murders.

Teddy hanged himself in prison on his 30th birthday. His mother Myrna gave the cold case team a letter admitting to the crimes in his possession which she claimed could not have been written by her son because he was illiterate.

In the epilogue, Dylan was declared innocent. He is met outside the prison by Myrna (because his parents had already abandoned him). They imagine seeing Teddy, who is disappointed that his death is what it took to clear his name and walks away.


  • Teddy is never seen in the present day.