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Teddy Burke
Teddy in 1968
Teddy Burke
Portrayed by Christian Keiber
Episode Forever Blue
Status Unknown

Teddy Burke was a well-known drug dealer who ran the heroin trade in North Philadelphia in 1968. His merchandise was known by the trademark black harp stamped on each brick.

Burke was able to operate without police interference by paying off several officers, including Lieutenant Tom McCree, who passed money on to several other officers, including Jimmy Bruno and Owen Murphy.

One officer who wasn't on Burke's payroll was Sean "Coop" Cooper, Jimmy's partner. He and Jimmy arrested Burke once, only to have McCree release him almost immediately.

When Coop was murdered months later, Burke was suspected until Jimmy determined he had been in Atlantic City the night of the murder.

Burke's whereabouts in 2006, when Coop's case was reopened, are unknown.