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Ted Robinson
Portrayed by Sam Anderson
Episode Joseph
Status Arrested

Ted Robinson killed Wilder Dautry, thinking he was Joseph Shaw to protect his wife Jane who was involved with a young man, Corey Lewis, who was staying at their rehabilitation centre.


Ted and Jane lost their son, Tom, to a drug overdose and opened up a centre for teenagers who struggled with addiction. They hired counselors to work day-to-day with the teens and oversaw the running of the centre. Ted told the team that the centre helped them as a couple with their grief over their son as much as it helped the teens who attended it.


Ted is not identified as a suspect in Joseph/Wilder's murder until the final minutes of the episode, while his wife is being questioned.

Upon learning of his wife's involvement with Corey, Ted made her promise to stop contacting Corey and make steps towards getting better. He would deal with Joseph. It's unclear in the episode whether, at the time of his apparent death, Joseph actually knew Jane was romantically involved with Corey or whether he just knew that Corey had killed Orlando. However, Jane appeared to believe that Joseph knew and this underpinned Ted's decision to kill him.

Ted took a shotgun and went to Joseph's apartment. As is common with Cold Case, which focuses more on the stories of the people rather than the violence and more gritty forensic details, the actual murder isn't shown on screen. Instead viewers hear Ted knock on Joseph's door and then a shotgun blast shortly after, the implication is that as he heard footsteps reach the door - he shot the person on the other side through the door. Ted assumed that he had killed Joseph when, in fact, he had shot his foster brother, Wilder.