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Tanya Raymes 1994
Tanya in 1994
Tanya Raymes 2007
Tanya in 2007
Tanya Raymes
Portrayed by Melissa Leo
Episode Thrill Kill
Status Alive

Tanya Rames is a character from "Thrill Kill". She is the wife of Henry Raymes and mother of Jack Raymes.

She was horrified at the murders of her son Jack and his friends, George Russo and Sean Costley. Tanya, however, discovered a flashlight covered in blood which belonged to her husband Henry. She knew that he killed those children but she did nothing for years.

In 2007, Tanya was confronted with this fact by Detective Lilly Rush. In the epilogue, Henry is arrested and Tanya visits the empty pool where the children's bodies were discovered while holding Jack's stuffed dog.