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Tanner Lennox in 2006
Tanner in 2006
Tanner Lennox in 2007
Tanner in 2007
Tanner Lennox
Portrayed by Jake McDorman
Episode Knuckle Up
Status Arrested

Tanner Lennox was a teenage bully and murderer of Martin Jacobson.


When he murdered Martin, it was a brutal assault on an innocent forty two year old father and husband. It occurred during a bout of drunken, blind rage that he fell under. Also, Martin reminded him of his wicked father, Arthur Lennox.

He is also known for witnessing Arthur brutally murder James Hoffman, a boy he went to school with the same way Martin was murdered. The reason for James's death: Arthur was trying to buy his silence after he observed Tanner fatally assaulting Martin, but this plan would fail when James refused and tried to leave to go to the police to turn Tanner in.